LegalArt is now Cannonball!

Founded as LegalArt in 2003 by Carolina Jayaram and Lara O’Neil, Cannonball started with the urgency to support emerging artists by providing free legal services and professional development programs. These initiatives, which were co-presented throughout Miami with partner organizations, were created expressly to professionalize, sustain, and advance artists’ careers. In 2010, we transitioned from a nomadic arts organization into our first physical home—a 1920s warehouse on the northern edge of downtown Miami. The space was designed and outfitted to accommodate the organization’s new Residency Program, the first formal live/work residency program in the city. As programming evolved to better address the ever-changing needs of the local arts community, the board and staff decided to re-imagine and re-brand the organization. In 2012, we transformed into Cannonball, and since we have become a re-granting organization, founded a public alternative school, and formalized a commissions program for participants in the Residency Program.

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