Community Supported Art (CSA) Inaugural Season

LegalArt is proud to announce the first edition in Miami of the Community Supported Art (CSA) program, supported by the Knight Foundation and Springboard for the Arts.

Limited edition shares to this innovative program are available for $450, which includes nine original works created by artists in Miami.

Sales will take place on our website starting January 18th at 11AM EST.

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CSA shares are available now!

Get them while they last and enjoy the work of these wonderful artists.

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Selected Artists

[toggle title="Jenny Brillhart"]This artist’s work concerns with a dialogue between made and found spaces and forms, and their relationship to place, structure and organization. She uses traditional methods of still life, studio practice, photography and paint to inform each object, bringing to it a new history and diary of existence, and then proposing to forward that record to future, unknown contexts. For the CSA, Jenny Brillhart creates mixed media works with incorporated material, discovered in places where she photographs and travels on a daily basis. In doing this, she will bring the found objects from environments outside of one’s own to a new context, suggesting that it’s possibilities can move beyond intention or expectation and function in multiple ways. This furthers the relationship between home and our local urban fabric.[/toggle]

[toggle title="Jason Hedges"]Born in and raised in South Florida, Jason Hedges explores bridges and connections between food and art. His work talks about the role of food and drinks in civilization and has been reconnecting people through things that are familiar to them. Many South Floridians are not aware of the richness of our local waters and how our community has been so deeply tied to these waters since the first settlers inhabited this land. In this CSA program, Jason Hedges provides original prints each made from a single fish caught in local waters by himself and then consumed: a small reminder of what lives in the water beneath the bridges we drive over on a daily basis or 100 yards from where we swim.[/toggle]

[toggle title="James Herring"]James Herring takes inspiration from cultures such as the Japanese and Korean ceramic tradition which prove that our relationship with objects in our daily activities can be elevated to art. He contends that the cultivation of beauty in objects, can have a transformative effect in our lives. The cups, plates and bowls we eat from, which we hold in our hands and put to our lips, have a presence which can enhance the most common and universal act, that of eating our daily meals. For this purpose, the ceramist provides unique hand-made functional items for use in preparation and eating of meals.[/toggle]

[toggle title="Kathleen Hudspeth"]An artist, printmaker, arts writer and art instructor in Miami. The master of printmaking uses no digital production processes, offering a counterpoint to our increasingly screen-oriented, digitally-mediated existence. She observes inkjet or pigment printed multiples in the same way a local organic farmer would view the products of a factory farm. Hand-pulled prints from hand-crafted plates printed on mould-made paper offer the necessary tactility and complex visuality that humans need in a way akin to the need we have to eat food grown from organic, crop rotated soils. May have we forgotten the experience of work made entirely by hand, we rejoice at the view of Kathleen’s Hudspeth’s entlimited edition prints.[/toggle]

[toggle title="Kerry McLaney"]Born and raised in Haiti, this red-head did not grow up unnoticed. Titled after Tracy Kidder’s book “Mountains Beyond Mountains”, McLaney protrays a photographic series of landscapes with beautiful light, taken in various regions of Port-au-Prince, Haiti; an unexpected portrayal as we are constantly consumed with negative imagery of what was once known as the “Pearl of the Antilles”. The photographs were mostly taken in Kenscoff, where the mountains pierce the clouds, the temperatures are pleasant and the earth is fertile and picturesque. However the rugged mountainous terrain parallels the historical struggle of the Haitian people. As you solve one problem, another problem or mountain appears.[/toggle]

[toggle title="Christina Pettersson"]“Art is the only way to summon up the physical picture of the locale of a fleeting mirage, devoid of all distractions and unhinged from circumstance, mere history.” Christina Pettersson plays with her artwork as if she were a story teller; she is a natural role player. This series, born from vinyl records collected from thrift stores, plays with the aesthetics of a particular album cover, where the artist replaces the protagonist of the cover with her personal image. Christina humorously opens a dialogue about the role artists and women compared to food and gluttony.[/toggle]

[toggle title="Gustavo Roman"]Drawn towards a literary and narrative component, Gustavo Roman thinks of his work in similar terms as essays. Drawing is his medium of choice for its immediacy and sincerity.  The simplicity of his compositions seek silence and contemplation,  intimacy and shyness. Roman offers a series of drawings that play with the idea of facsimile. Each original drawing will be an attempt at faithfully copying the preceding one, thus the image will inevitably degrade as part of the multiplication process. This series also relates to that child’s game “Chinese whispers” where a statement spreads in a chain of individuals and morphs as they interpret/mishear/forget what was just said.[/toggle]

[toggle title="Valeria Yamamoto"]Valeria Yamamoto is a Japanese-Argentinian artist who finds inspiration in the organic forms and lines of nature for her sculptures, which are conceived through the senses, creating free associations of forms and lines.  This active contemplation is materialized in a new reality that breaks the boundaries between abstraction and figurative representation, creating hybrid sculptures that fuse animal and plant kingdoms. Valeria provides us with works that observe the city sky landscape where readaptation/reclaim/share of spaces take place.[/toggle]

[toggle title="Michelle Weinberg"]Her works describe stage-set like spaces constructed from colored planes and flickering, patterned veneers. Typographic messages gleaned from the banal rhetoric of advertising are pasted there, like concrete poetry. In her practice, she designs hand-knotted rugs, cement tiles, paint murals and other art for public spaces. For the CSA program she provides handmade cement encaustic tiles are a mash-up of Arabic architectural calligraphy and the banal slogans of contemporary advertising. These tiles are the first in a series for use in interiors, architecture and art in public places that intone – like a mantra – the positive aphorisms drilled into consumers via advertising. They will translate the spiritual messages of ancient Arabic architecture into the hyped up happiness of the American Dream.[/toggle]


How it works

CSA shares will be available online starting January 18th. For the price of $450, you will receive nine original works, one from each of the featured artists, including ceramics, photographs, original drawings and more! The delivery of the art will take place in three monthly dliveries. Starting in February, each delivery will be held at a different location, where you will be able to meet the artsits included in that share.

By the end of the third delivery, buyers will have received nine individual pieces of art and the artists will have met fifty new collectors.

All shares include similar art form the same artsits, but each is unique as the one of a kind works are slightly different.


About the CSA

The CSA Program fosters new relationships between artists and collectors, providing artists with a stipend to produce original, limited edition works while offering a very competitive price to encourage new collectors and art lovers.

What is Community Supported Art? Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture has be­come a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-local spirit in mind, LegalArt is pleased to bring Community Supported Art (CSA) to Miami, to support local art, artists and collectors.

This project is modeled on Community Supported Art in Minnesota, created by and Spring­board for the Arts and is made possible with the support of the Knight Foundation.

The artists selected from a jury of food and art luminaries receive a stipend to create fifty limited edition works. Art lovers and collectors will purchase a share and in return receive locally produced artwork at intervals throughout the Season. Each mem­ber share will include one piece from each of the nine CSA featured artists as well as “bumper crops” of additional artwork and other surprises. The pick-up evenings will be take place in February, March and April at different local art sites where artists and collectors will meet and have the opportunity to talk about the featured art.

With this program, our goal is to support artists in the creation of new work, to establish relationships with local collectors and patrons, and to participate in the launch of an exciting new model of art distribution. Share purchasers acquire multiple works of art from local emerging and mid-career artists at a fantastic value! We provide the opportunity to develop relationships with the local artists and art community, discover new artists, explore a variety of disciplines and support artists’ careers and our vibrant community.

Member shares are available for $450 and can be purchased online. But hurry! Only a limited amount of shares are available and they will go fast! 

LegalArt is seeking partnerships for the CSA program. Partnerships are available in various ways; hosting a delivery event, promotional support, providing space or volunteers and bumper crop partnerships.

For more information contact Dominique Breard at 786-347-2360 or [email protected]