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    Southernmost Situations – February-March 2012

    Residency Period: February-March 2012 Mission statement: Southernmost Situations is a creative collective that hosts various workshops, events, and programming, in an effort to stimulate, enrich, and enhance creativity, organizing forums for meaningful interaction and dialogue. Founding members: Liz Ferrer: With a BFA in Theatre, Liz …

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  • Kbob

    Amy von Harrington – March 2012

    Residency Period: March 2012 Amy von Harrington’s work is a synergetic implosion of collage, photo, video and installation. She is inspired by the expression/sentiment “take it back.”

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  • Biscayne Times: Sculptures in the Garden

    by Anne Tschida The Deering Estate Becomes the Latest Green Space to Take the Contemporary Art Plunge Maybe it was the full foliage in Miami-Dade’s historic parks that for years covered up the art they attempted to exhibit. Or perhaps it was because art was …

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  • Washington Post: A poem for Miami

    By Sandra Beasley Stepping into the chic, if minimalist, 400-square-foot space where I’ll live for the next few weeks, the first thing I notice are the windows: huge, multi-pane expanses that will welcome the Florida sun the next morning. The second thing I notice is …

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    Residency SeminArt on February 9th

    Thursday, February 9th at 7pm at LegalArt Do you want to apply to residencies, but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for the right residency for your practice? Don’t miss the artist panel discussion on national and international residencies, featuring: Artists will share …

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  • Courtesy of Spinello Gallery

    Pachi Giustinian

    Residency Period: October 2010-January 2012 Pachi Giustinian is not only captivated by features of composition of light that are detectable by humans, but she is particularly interested in the ways that colors relate to sensations, feelings, sound and time. Her work is created with found …

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  • Manny

    Manny Prieres

    Residency Period: October 2010-January 2012 Every collision leaves a trace behind: debris, a trail of residue that marks the site where violence took place. The work of Manny Prieres is that sort of remnant, the product of the clash between a traditional, temperamental heritage, and …

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  • Tashaedit

    TM Sisters

    Residency Period: October 2010-January 2012 Tasha Lopez De Victoria, 26, and Monica Lopez De Victoria, 28, grew up in Miami and collaborate under the name TM Sisters. They work in the mediums of video, digital video performance, VJing, collage, social experiments, zines, clothing, installations, and …

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  • Carlos Ascurra (Viking Funeral)

    Viking Funeral

    Residency Period: October 2010-January 2012 Under the collaborative name Viking Funeral Juan Gonzalez and Carlos Ascurra collaboratively explore the constructs of DIY music subcultures. Through the use of sculpture, collage, sound, and performance they examine the self-governed parameters, identities, and propaganda formed by annexed groups of …

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  • Afr Still Derknes

    Richard Höglund

    Richard Höglund has been living in Europe since 2001. He grew up in New York, and was educated at Northeastern University, Univerzita Karlova in Prague, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de …

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