Community Supported Art 2013 is here!

Harvested and So Fresh: This Year’s CSA Is In!

Shares to this innovative program are available for $450, which includes nine original artworks created by Miami-based artists.

This year is a small crop of only 50 shares, so you better hurry and buy your share today!

CSA shares are available NOW!

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How it works

Selected from a pool of approximately 100 applicants by a jury of art professionals, participating artists receive stipends to create original, limited-edition artworks. Collectors and art enthusiasts purchase a shares consisting of nine artworks, one from each of this season’s artists. The creative harvest includes limited-edition prints, original drawings and paintings, exclusive performances, video art, and sculptural objects. The shares will be distributed at three pick-up events throughout the Spring at neighborhood farms. Each pick-up event allows consumers and artists to visit about the art, while learning the benefits of local farming and locally sourced food.

CSA Artists
Gonzalo Fuenmayor
Rob Goyanes

Adler Guerrier

Jiae Hwang
Justin Long
Silvia Ros

Southernmost Situations (Liz Ferrer/Sebastian Duncan Portuondo)

Michael Loveland
Marcos Valella
About the CSA Program

Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture has be­come a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-local spirit in mind, Cannonball has brought Community Supported Art to Miami in order to support the city’s growing landscape of cultural producers. This project is modeled on Community Supported Art in Minnesota, created by and Spring­board for the Arts. This program is funded and supported by the John L. and James S. Knight Foundation.

The goal of this program is to support artists in the creation of new art, and to foster new relationships between artists and collectors, while offering an alternative model to the art market. The CSA program allows share purchasers to explore a variety of disciplines at an accessible value, while supporting the career of local emerging and mid-career artists.

About Cannonball

Based in downtown Miami, Cannonball (formerly LegalArt) is a non-profit arts organization known for its advocacy and innovative programs supporting today’s artists. Core initiatives include: SeminArt, providing free educational and professional development services to artists; LegalLink, an in-house legal advice and referral service for artists and arts organizations; and the Residency Program, which offers long-term live/work space for local artists and short-term residencies for visiting cultural producers.

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